From hand-woven to high-tech.

At Gertex, tradition and innovation are closely intermeshed.


Founding of Jacquard-Weberei Gebr. Schmid by Johann Georg Schmid, with capital participation of his older brothers John, Jacob and Michael and his brother-in-law, Michael Jäger. Main products: hammocks for use at sea. Upon completion of his textile education at the Technikum Reutlingen, Leonhard Schmid takes over the business.

Disposition of the company to Matthäus Schmid, son of Johann Georg Schmid.

Company is renamed Mechanische Weberei Gerstetten, Matthäus Schmid oHG, with 120 looms and its own steam system. Main products: shoe lining, bed linen, trimming fabrics for lingerie.

Julius Zwissler, son-in-law of Matthäus Schmid, becomes an equal partner in the company. Two years later, the company is already manufacturing with 210 looms.

The company’s 75th anniversary can be celebrated without any major war damage.

Manufacture of new items: protective mattress covers, table linen.

Dr. Ulrich Zwissler, son of Julius Zwissler, enters the company and takes considerable restructuring measures.

Founding of Gertex Wirkerei by Dr. Ulrich Zwissler.

After the passing of Julius Zwissler Dr. Ulrich Zwissler assumes responsibility over the weaving plant of his father.

Closure of the weaving plant and focus on Gertex Wirkerei.

Relocation of company to new premises in Pommernweg and restructuring with a focus on warp knitting. Main products: Fashion fabrics, fabrics for lingerie and foundation garments, shoe and automotive fabrics and technical textiles.

Acquisition of shoe fabric division of Zoeppritz AG. Laminates and coatings are manufactured by Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH up to the present day.

Expansion and acquisition of buildings and technical facilities; takeover of Weicht in Wörnitz, near Rothenburg.

Production and sales of automotive fabrics are intensified and developed to become today’s core business.

Acquisition of Riema Wirkerei in Ehingen.

Merging of production of Riema Wirkerei with Gertex in Wörnitz.

The sister company Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH establishes Ningbo roekona Zoeppritex Texline Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in Ningbo, China. Gertex Textil GmbH provides the fabrics for textile interiors produced for the automotive industry.

Expansion of the building complexes in Wörnitz and putting into operation of a new warping machine.

Harald Beuschel is appointed joint managing director in addition to Dr. Ulrich Zwissler.

Formation of a joint production site in Tlaxcala Mexico with Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH.

Dr. Ulrich Zwissler hands over management to Marc W. Lorch. Gertex Textil GmbH is now directed by both Marc W. Lorch and Harald Beuschel as joint managing directors. Dr. Ulrich Zwissler remains board member of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG, with which Gertex Textil GmbH is associated since 1994.

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