Warp-knitted and spacer fabrics for industrial and technical applications.

Developed to cope with the toughest demands: Gertex provides you with textiles that are a match for the daily stresses of industry.

Our product range extends from highly adhesive hook-and-loop fabric to exceptionally durable ironing board covers. Depending on the application, we use base materials such as polyester, polyamide or aramid and make bespoke end products from these – coated or uncoated, laminated or unlaminated, and with or without flame retardant, antistatic or water-repellent properties. We will also be happy to cut your product to size upon request.

By simply using FREE D MESH, you get even more benefits than from our warp knitted fabrics alone. As a filter or spacer, for example, Gertex’s spacer fabric provides impressive air permeability, dimensional stability and peel resistance.

Hook-and-loop fabrics und pile knitted fabrics

Grinding and polishing discs

Flow meshes for composite parts

Ironing board covers


Contact person

Christoph Kaiser
Sales Manager

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

Phone +49 7323 86-138 Mobile +49 172 8089066

Contact person

Anna Rode
Entwicklerin | Development Specialist

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

Phone +49 7323 86-212

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