Decorative solutions for car interiors.

With experience comes greater vision: for decades now, Gertex has been developing innovative textile solutions for car interiors. We work closely with our customers to develop aesthetically pleasing, functional products that offer a range of benefits.

DEKO materials from Gertex are not only extremely robust and abrasion-resistant: they also have optimal stretching and deformation properties and are suitable for back injection molding too. Base materials include warp-knitted, single-surface velour and piqué looks – either unlaminated or combined with nonwoven fabric or foam.

With our wealth of knowledge, we can quickly create bespoke solutions for you – whether for production cars, concept cars, high-volume models or the premium segment. No matter what, you will benefit from outstanding features in terms of look, feel and sound. You will also get state-of-the-art materials that are highly age-resistant, lightfast, low-emission and stain-resistant – with adhesive suitability and hydrolysis resistance.

Molded headliner

Roof liner for convertible, including edge binding

Sunroof cover

Pillars (ABCD)

Rear parcel shelves

Cargo covers

Back panels

Sun visors

Speaker covers

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Lisa Reißig
Head of Development

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Norbert Polkehn
Sales Manager

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

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Vildan Baysal
Entwicklerin | Development Specialist

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

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