High-performance spacer fabrics for seat padding, coverings and headliners.

More room for innovation: FREE D MESH from Gertex brings two knitted surfaces together with spacer threads. This design can be adapted to fit any contour and now allows for a thickness of up to one centimeter – opening up completely new possibilities.

When uses as padding for car seats, FREE D MESH not only increases the level of comfort but also reduces creasing in the outer material. In addition to its huge deformability, the spacer fabric regains it shape optimally. Unlike foam, it continually retains its shape and ensures maximum air circulation even under stress.

The durable material is also suitable for use in interior parts, giving these a unique, soft-to-the-touch feel. The 3D fabric can also provide a whole range of other benefits, as it is lightweight, of 100% the same material, recyclable, UV-resistant, and high-frequency weldable. It can also be combined very well with flame and adhesive laminates or a dormant adhesive backing.

Padding for car seats

Interior door panels


Panels for controls

Roof liners for convertibles

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