Wind deflectors and windstops in single and double-layer designs.

Less air resistance, more progress: Gertex develops especially quiet wind deflectors and windstops for use in sunroofs and convertibles to go perfectly with your components.

We use both single- and double-layer designs made of spun-dyed yarns for superior anti-fade performance, with the option of piece-dyed products too. All VENTO products feature optimal stretchability and air permeability.

The outstanding aerodynamics of our Doublelayer products has also been confirmed by wind tunnel tests. In contrast to other wind deflectors, they generate only minimal noise during travel – and have an impressive, premium look too.

Wind deflectors

Wind stop

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Andreas Belitza
Authorised Signatory / Sales Manager

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

Phone +49 7323 86-170 Mobile +49 172 8092484

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Anna Rode
Entwicklerin | Development Specialist

Gertex Textil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

Phone +49 7323 86-212

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